Celebrating the Resurrection? The Time Is Now!

Imagine 3,000 brothers and sisters in Christ from all generations, denominations and cultures praising our Lord together. Sound familiar?

Well, it was Friday April 12, 2024 at the Arena in Geneva. JC2033's Swiss office gathered around 40 people to attend a concert by Glorious, a French Catholic musical group, who were visiting Geneva that day.

Formed in 2002 by brothers Thomas, Benjamin and Aurélien Pouzin, the Christian pop group led the crowd in a memorable time of worship.

The artists entered the stage in all simplicity. A humorous introduction on a giant screen preceded them, announcing the real star and host of the evening: Jesus.


A glorious evening for JC2033

From Quel jour de joie (What a joyful day), Saint-Esprit (Holy Spirit), Le Cantique des cantiques (Song of Songs) to Notre Père (Our Father), Glorious led the audience in song and dance for almost two hours. With lyrics displayed on the screen, both experienced and novice fans were able to celebrate Jesus with all their hearts. The tracks, selected from several of their albums, offered an experience inviting every worshiper to experience the intimacy and joy of Christ.

For the occasion, JC2033 organized a group outing with some forty people between the ages of 10 and 80 from all denominations. After connecting over light refreshments at the entrance to the Arena, the whole team slipped into the hall. Clad in white t-shirts with the familiar orange and blue logo, the JC2033 team didn't go unnoticed among the evening's 3,000 adoring fans!


Celebrating the Resurrection? Now is the time!

Celebrating the Risen Christ and bearing witness to the JC2033 mission were our objectives for the evening. And what better way to celebrate the 2000 years of the Resurrection than with a concert of praise?

It's true that it's sometimes difficult to look as far ahead as 2033. How can we live out unity and celebration in our daily lives, so as to bear witness to the Risen Christ in the world?

There are as many answers as there are human beings on Earth, so taking part in a worship concert by a French Catholic group in Switzerland with brothers and sisters from all walks of life is one possible answer. "I think that doing 'fun' activities is a good way of raising awareness among others, Christians and non-Christians alike," testified one participant. Music is one of many ways of bringing people together to put Jesus at the heart of our worship, whatever our denomination.

Whoever we are, wherever we are, whether we have little or much, Glorious demonstrates that the only thing that matters is Christ living in us through the Spirit of God.

So let's nurture the talents God has given us with joy and gratitude to celebrate Him today, as a preview of 2033.

Aurore Girardet
April 2024

From now on, give free rein to your creativity to celebrate the Risen Christ around Easter 2025, 2026, etc, so that the Good News is known to all by 2033.