Call for a “Decade of Resurrection”

At Easter 2023, the decade of Resurrection has begun, and the countdown is on. Less than ten years separate us from 2033.

Ten years in which every church, movement, community and network is invited to organize events to mark the 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in 2033.

How do you plan to prepare for the Jubilee?

Emmaus Gathering

What projects are you planning?

Become an ambassador

Important steps

  • 2023: Start of the Resurrection Decade
  • 2025: Common Easter date for all churches
  • 2028: Common Easter date for all churches
  • 2030: Beginning of 2000th anniversary of Jesus' ministry
  • 2031: Common Easter date for all churches
  • 2033: 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Past historical milestones

Various routes to 2033

From now on, let's put the Risen Christ at the heart of our personal lives, at the heart of our churches and among our churches.

Let's walk at His pace…
… On a path where Christ's love embraces us and flows among us and among churches.
… On a path of holiness where we allow ourselves to be transformed by Christ.
… On a path of unity where we forgive and reconcile, in response to Christ's prayer.
… On a path of service where we meet the most destitute in whom Christ awaits us.
… On a path of prayer where we pray with perseverance to Christ, our God and the King of our hearts.
… On a path of witness where Christ sends us to proclaim the light of his Resurrection.
… On a path of justice where we share Christ's humble and fraternal lifestyle.
… On a path of peace, where we look to Christ who destroyed the walls of enmity with his cross.

May the Holy Spirit, who raised Jesus Christ from the dead, enlighten us and lead us along these paths!
It's up to you!

What JC2033 offers every year:

  • On the road to Emmaus
  • Global and regional gatherings

What you can do:

Talk about it. Invite friends for a meal. Organize a party. Mobilize your network to pray. Visit Christian leaders. Let your imagination run wild!

Need some ideas? Read what's happening around the world!