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JC2033 is...

A movement of the Holy Spirit inviting us to celebrate together the 2000 years since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The climax will be Easter 2033.

From now on, and especially during the three years leading up to Easter 2033, let’s organize festive events in every nation, in stadiums, squares, parks, mountains, fields, beaches, homes and on the Internet! Let’s make it creative!

JC2033 is for everyone who believes in the Resurrection of Christ. It is an immense opportunity to make Jesus Christ known to the world.

Why 2033?

It's important to understand that it's not the year that matters.
With the apostle Paul, « We proclaim that Christ has risen from the dead » (1 Cor 15:12) and we want to celebrate Him with everyone in 2033.
At Easter in 1033, Christians were aware that they were celebrating 1,000 years since the Resurrection of Jesus. In 1933, the first "Jubilee of the Redemption" took place in the Catholic Church.

The challenge is for everyone to know, by 2033, that Jesus Christ has Risen!

Just another Christian event?

More than an event, JC2033 is first and foremost a movement, a path, a pilgrimage towards 2033.
Starting today, JC2033 is inviting churches, communities and movements to organize festive events in preparation for the 2000th Anniversary of the Resurrection.

So that every human being will know that Jesus Christ has Risen, we want to witness, anticipate and celebrate His Resurrection now!

We celebrate Easter every year, so what does JC2033 bring?

In 2033, we will celebrate 2000 years of the ministry, death and Resurrection, a unique and unprecedented anniversary not to be missed! God Himself invented the concept of celebration. He would like us to rejoice.

It's not we who invite Him to the celebration. It's He who invites us to the party!

Do you think Jesus will return by 2033?

God is sovereign, and only He knows when Jesus will return to earth (Mark 13:32).

Under no circumstances should this Jubilee be associated with the return of Jesus Christ!

Where will it happen?

Lausanne, New York, Sydney, Mumbai, Kinshasa, Lima, etc. The 2000th anniversary celebration of the Resurrection will take place all around the world, if possible in every megalopolis, every city and every village!

What's going to happen in your town, in your region?

Why start now?

A 2000-year-Jubilee, worldwide in scope, takes a number of years to organize. It is therefore necessary to plan ahead. If you're thinking of celebrations on the scale of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games or World Youth Day, it's obvious, to allow enough time for preparation.

The most important thing is to bear witness to the Risen Christ right now!

How many countries are already on the move?

To date, more than 140 ambassadors are involved in over 40 countries!
Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, Switzerland, Tanzania, Holy Land (Israel and Palestinian Territories), Uganda, Ukraine, USA, Zambia, and others.

Is your country not mentioned? If not, be its first JC2033 ambassador!

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What will happen in Switzerland?

Several ambassadors are already active in French-speaking Switzerland, organizing meetings every year. The movement is underway, and preparations are set to intensify as we approach 2033.
Read "The countdown is on!"

How to join the movement

What's your dream for the 2000 years of the Resurrection?
What's your wildest dream for your neighborhood, village, town or country?
Where do you start and how do you get there?

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