The JC2033 team

Meet the team at JC2033 International in St-Prex, Switzerland.

Olivier Fleury
Founder of JC2033

Barbara Allan
Head of Office and Ambassador Program

Martin Hoegger
Head of Church Relations

Ismael Heredia
Commercial apprentice

Aurore Girardet
Communications Coordinator

Daniel Gonvers
Administrative and technical assistant

Rose-Blanche Gentet
Responsible for translations of the JC2033 vision book

Pascal Vidoudez

Valérie Navarro
Proofreading and translation

Sylviane Fleury
Proofreading and hospitality

JC2033 International is also supported by a number of volunteers in Switzerland.
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JC2033 International Board

Meet the committee members of JC2033 International.

JC2033 International is the legal entity behind JC2033.

The board is the legal body that ensures that everything undertaken within the framework of JC2033 International respects the association's ideal goal. It is thus the guarantor of JC2033's vision and continuity.

Olivier Fleury

Eric Lecomte

Marc Badoux

Pascal Vidoudez

Laurent Balsiger

Laurent Favre
Committee member

Barbara Allan
Ex-officio member

Rose-Blanche Gentet
Meeting secretary

JC2033 Advisory Board

The JC2033 Advisory Board is a group made up of delegates from churches and movements.

The delegates bring to JC2033 their thoughts and proposals on this initiative.

Reciprocally, these delegates have a mandate to inform their networks about JC2033 activities in the run-up to the 2033 Resurrection Jubilee.

Its current members are (in alphabetical order):

Pierre Bader
Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud

Sylvia Cox
Salvation Army

Anita Francioli
Swiss Bishops' Conference

Mgr Job Getcha
Orthodox Church-Patriarchate of Constantinople

Martin Hirzel
Evangelical Reformed Church of Switzerland

Joseph Kabongo
Conference of African Churches in Switzerland

Jean-Daniel Plüss
Pentecostal World Federation

Christian Sollberger
Mennonite World Conference

Jean-Luc Ziehli
Swiss Evangelical Network

Olivier Fleury

« My passion is the evangelization of the world and the revival of the Church. »

After working for ten years in the graphic arts until 1995, Olivier Fleury, founder of JC2033 International, trained at Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and then at two Bible institutes in Dallas, USA and Sydney, Australia. Olivier has been married to Sylviane for over thirty years. Together they have two grown sons, Nathan and Rémy.

In 1997, he joined YWAM in Switzerland. For over 13 years, he developed Alpha courses for the French-speaking world.

In 2008, Olivier Fleury became YWAM's Executive Director for French-speaking Switzerland. In 2012, he took over leadership of YWAM Switzerland and its 250 full-time employees.

The first spark for the bi-millennium celebrations was lit in Olivier's heart at the dawn of the year 2000. He realized that, that year, we were celebrating the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ!

It was in March 2007 in Sydney that Olivier experienced a life-changing "visitation" from God, to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Since then, he has been working to bring this movement to fruition by 2033.

Since 2017, he has devoted his time to developing JC2033. To date, the international office has around ten employees in Switzerland and over 140 ambassadors in numerous countries.

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