JC2033, as time goes by...

From the outset, this vision has been a story of faith. Since 2007, it has grown into a worldwide movement of Unity and Witness in the run-up to the 2033 Celebrations.

March 2007
In Sydney, Australia, Olivier Fleury was inspired to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection.
December 2010
www.jc2033.world website went is online
March 2014
First meeting with WCC General Secretary Olaf Tveit
March 2015
French printing of the vision book
November 2016
Private audience with Pope Francis
April 2017
First private audience with Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew
November 2018
First JC2033 Global Gathering
March 2019
First private audience with Coptic Pope Tawadros
January 2020
First walk on the road to Emmaus in Jerusalem
June 2020
Creation of the new JC2033 logo
December 2022
Meeting of the "Coalition for 2033" in New York
April 2023
Launch of the decade of the Resurrection (2023-2033)