Rome 2016

We visited in Rome different churches. We had some amazing and unexpected encouters and open doors.

Rome Chronicles I

Waldensian Methodist Church, State Secretariat Vatican, Focolari Movement
A delegation from the Jesus Celebration 2033 team (Olivier Fleury, Jason Hollinger, Martin Hoegger) visited Rome to meet with leaders of churches and movements to discuss the project "Jesus Celebration 2033". 
The day began being interviewed by the international Catholic television "Shalom TV" Read more...

Rome Chronicles II

Anglican Church, Anglican Center Rome, “Center Pro Unione", Embassy of Georgia
A day full of surprises! The first one waits for the team in the Vatican, where the "customs" deny them access to consult the documents of the anniversaries of 1933, 1833 ... in the "Archivum Secretum Vaticanum". They search for missing documents to enter this enigmatic place and send it to the "Monsignor", who is responsible for the archives. Read more...

Rome Chronicles III

This morning the doors of the Secret Archives of the Vatican open. We met the prefect, Bishop Sergio Pagano before receiving our personal access cards. Visiting these archives illustrates, for us, one of the charismas of the Catholic Church. Everything is very well organized!  Read more...

Rome Chronicles IV

Nice Encounters 
After working in the "secret archives" we dined at the "Borgo Pio", the neighborhood next to the Vatican. We met Nicolas Buttet, founder and director of the Valais Eucharist community, and his friend René Meldem. They came to Rome for the "Fratello" meeting with Pope Francis: 4,000 homeless people from different European countries. Read more...