JC2033 is...

  • A name: "Jesus Christ 2033".
  • A logo, the tomb and the rolled stone representing the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • A mobilization of Christians to prepare for the celebrations of the 2000th anniversary
    of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ around the world in 2033.
  • A decade, from 2023 to 2033, to anticipate the 2000 years of Jesus Christ's ministry.
JC2033 means proclaiming to the world that Christ is Risen!
157 ambassadors
45 countries
18 versions of the book of vision


Discover the JC2033 mission and its core values of Unity, Witness and Celebration.
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Join the movement of the decade (2023-2033) now.
Prepare for the celebrations of 2000 years of Jesus Christ's ministry on earth (2030-2033). Take
part in the great Jubilee of 2000 years of the Resurrection in 2033.
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Discover the highlights of this walk of faith. Since 2007, JC2033 has grown into a worldwide movement. Christian leaders are enthusiastic about the idea of these festivities.
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Meet the JC2033 international office team: founder, employees, board members and volunteers.
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Why 2033?
Will Jesus return in 2033?
Which countries are already on the move?


What many world leaders think of JC2033.
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