Witnessing the Risen One with jewelry

The cross
There is no Resurrection without the cross. He took our faults, and rose again! The cross is overthrown!

The tomb
Jesus died and was laid in the tomb. On Easter Sunday morning, it was found empty by several witnesses.

The stone
Sealed, guarded and yet rolled away. At dawn, the miracle occurred through the power of the Resurrection! We're celebrating!

Sketch drawn between heaven and earth…

This jewel was born on a plane! The first sketch was drawn between heaven and earth on the menu of a long-haul flight by Olivier Fleury. A jewel as a distinctive sign for those who believe in the power of Resurrection - that was the inspired idea!

The design for this jewelry line was then created at the foot of the Swiss mountains in the creative workshop of jeweler Sandrine Le Coq.

Silver, a noble material, was chosen for its malleability and resistance to oxidation. Appreciated since the dawn of time in every culture and continent, silver is beautiful on all skins! Usually shiny and smooth, silver is here struck, brushed and engraved to illustrate the trials we go through in this beautiful adventure that is the life of faith.

Today, in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City, it's the Ozgul brothers, Arab Christians and silversmiths from father to son, who craft these unique pieces of art by hand and with great love for their Savior.

Price list

Brooch CHF 33.–
Bracelet CHF 44.–
Necklace CHF 55.–
Ring CHF 66.–
Earrings CHF 77.–
Large necklace CHF 88.–
Brooch (stainless steel) CHF 22.–
Necklace (stainless steel) CHF 33.–