Christianity on the Move for 2033

In February, 160 Christian leaders representing 120 mission movements in 60 countries gathered in Krakow. The aim was to prepare for the 2000th anniversary of Jesus' Resurrection. Founder of JC2033, Olivier Fleury was encouraged by the unity experienced among denominations. He was also encouraged by the fact that more and more Christian organizations are focusing on the year 2033.

Olivier Fleury, founder of the JC2033 movement, returned from his trip to Poland "full of joy and faith"! From February 5 to 11, he took part in the Global 2033 world meeting in Krakow, which brought together 160 Christian leaders representing more than 120 mission movements in 60 countries, in preparation for the 2000th anniversary of Jesus' death and resurrection.

"It's really enormous. We've had an extremely rare diversity of missions, churches and countries," emphasizes this former director of YWAM Switzerland. While Global 2033 and JC2033 share a common vision, the two movements were set up independently. JC2033 was founded in 2007 by Olivier Fleury, while Global 2033 is a charismatic Catholic initiative founded by Henry Capello in 2019. "When we met, we fell head over heels! We had this same idea of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, without having consulted each other," enthuses Olivier Fleury.

At Global 2033, 90% of ambassadors are charismatic Catholics; at JC2033, they account for 10%. "What's extraordinary is that we no longer know who's Catholic, evangelical or an ambassador for this or that movement. We're starting to let go of our differences and hold hands. It's a realization of the strength we can have in unity. It's a huge Christian march to say that Jesus is Risen. 

The aim of Global 2033 is to proclaim Jesus to the whole world, starting with Catholics and reaching out to the rest of the world. "Of the 1.2 billion Catholics, 10% are charismatic. Henry Capello would like to re-evangelize the baptized to reach the rest of the world," explains Olivier Fleury, who is also a member of the Global 2033 international board.

In Nepal, Christians organize silent marches

This is truly God's work! Not only is He preparing the Bride (editor's note: the universal Church) for the wedding feast, but he is also preparing Christians to face persecution," notes Olivier Fleury.

To pursue JC2033's goals of unity and evangelism, Olivier Fleury travels from nation to nation to raise ambassadors. He challenges Christians with these burning questions: "What do you dream of for the 2000th anniversary of Jesus' resurrection? What do you dream for people in your country to hear that Jesus has Risen?" And so it was that Christians in Nepal, who are forbidden to preach, responded to this call by organizing silent marches with banners during the Easter period to talk about the Resurrection of Jesus. And they have been doing so for several years now. "The initiatives are happening now. We're not waiting until 2033 to get going. Let's think of it as training," says Olivier Fleury.

Across the Atlantic in Quebec, Protestants and Catholics responded to JC2033's call in a very different way. "When nature starts to thaw, there's the spring festival that arrives on Easter weekend. Instead of celebrating maple syrup in the sugar shacks, Christians started to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus in the sugar shacks," says Olivier Fleury. Today, JC2033 has 140 ambassadors in 40 countries.

"Everyone's aiming for 2033!"

Olivier Fleury noticed that many Christian organizations have a special project for 2033, even though they weren't specifically connected with JC2033. "For example, American evangelical pastor Rick Warren would like every human being on the planet to hear that Jesus has Risen before 2033. Or, the Assemblies of God (MM33) have decided to plant one million churches worldwide. They have 250,000, so each church must plant three more by 2033. Everyone is aiming for 2033," exclaims Olivier Fleury.

Article credits: Anne-Charlotte Muller for FREE

March 2024


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