Global Christian Forum: A Story of Unity and Witness

Olivier Fleury and Martin Hoegger were invited to take part in the fourth gathering of the Global Christian Forum (GCF) in Accra, Ghana, in April 2024. On this occasion, numerous contacts were established with church and movement leaders. The vision of a common witness for the 2000 years since Christ's resurrection was communicated.

This Forum brings together around the same table the two great currents of world Christianity that have marked the 20th century; the “ecumenical” current and the “evangelical-pentecostal” current. These two currents have progressed in parallel, sometimes in opposition. The aim of the Forum is to bring them together. 

How can we do this? First and foremost, by getting to know each other better, by sharing our “faith itineraries”, by learning how each of us met Christ and walked with him! 


“So that the world may know”

The theme of this gathering was “So that the world may know” (John 17:23). We sought to listen to each other and to the Holy Spirit to find out what this means in our different contexts, and how it engages us in our common mission. 

Invited to share his experience in the plenary session, Olivier Fleury exhorted the 250 leaders: “Christ is risen. The world must know it. The world must believe it. But how can they? I'd like to tell you that we have an incredible opportunity before us: the 2000th anniversary of Jesus' Resurrection. He's alive, and he'd like to give us the fullness of life, now and for eternity”.

Then he recounted an intense moment with God in Australia, when he received the promise that in 2033 the whole world will know that Christ has Risen. “Perhaps technology will enable this, but it will never take our place in witnessing his Resurrection. How could the Church stand up and share this good news that He is Risen? How can we seize the opportunity to be together, Catholics, Orthodox, Pentecostals, Evangelicals, you name it, joining hands to bear fruit so that the world may know that he is risen?”

Olivier Fleury's book, “Then the World Will Know,” shares this vision to mobilize the entire Christian world on the momentous occasion of this 2000th anniversary. In a preface to this book, specially written for the Global Christian Forum, its secretary, Pastor Casely Essamuah, states: 

“Our theme fits wonderfully with the title of Olivier Fleury's book and the aim of the JC2033 initiative: to mobilize Christians around the world in the joy of the unity we share with one another because we serve one Lord and have one hope, and to galvanize us to share the Gospel in our different contexts...I warmly recommend this book to all followers of Christ.”

We are grateful to have been invited to this gathering, and to have been able to talk about the year 2033 as a magnificent opportunity for common witness.  “Many people already knew us. There's a real friendship and trust developing that will bear fruit. We've become recognized players,” says Olivier Fleury. 

Martin Hoegger

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