Ukraine 2017

We discover, learn or/and met in the Ukraine Ecumenism, the Orthodox church, Evangelical and Pentecostal churches.

Ukrainian Chronicles I

Ecumenism in the Ukraine
On the evening of June 4th, a first surprise awaits the Jesus Celebration 2033 team at the Lviv airport, in the west of Ukraine. The team is accompanied by Raphaël Lods, a young photographer and videographer to whom the important task to cover the visit is entrusted. They see a known face smile at them with a sign indicating their names!  Read more...

Ukrainian Chronicles II

The orthodox church in the Ukraine
“Christ is risen, He is truly risen!” This is how the Orthodox greet each other during Easter time. The resurrection of Christ is at the center of their spiritual life: “Christ is among us. He is, He will be”, they say in the heart of the “orthodox divine liturgy”, both source and summit of the whole life of the Church.  Read more...

Ukrainian Chronicles III

Evangelical and Pentecostal churches
The peculiarity of the “Jesus Celebration 2033” movement (JC2033) is that it calls on all churches to walk together towards the two thousand years of the Resurrection of Christ. Thus, the tent of the ecumenical space widens to all the churches.  Read more...

Ukrainian Chronicles IV

Towards a renewed country
In the last part of our Ukrainian journey, we participated in the tenth 2Ecumenical Social Week”. Organized by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Lviv, under the leadership of Professor Antoine Arjakovsky, it was held for the first time in Kiev. It was the latter who invited us there.  Read more...