Russia 2018

For a whole week, a Swiss delegation traveled to Moscow to present to various Christian Churches in Russia's capital city the Jesus Celebration 2033 project, which is the 2000-year celebration of the resurrection of Christ.  

Moscow Chronicles I The catholic church: Restoring Christ in human hearts

Larissa and Yevgeni Musina, a couple belonging to the Brotherhood of Transfiguration, a great movement in the Russian Orthodox Church, are waiting for us on our arrival and are driving us to our accommodation. 

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Moscow Chronicles II

The orthodox church: The resurrection at the heart of life The resurrection is at the heart of orthodox spirituality and worship. The JC2033 delegation continued to meet important leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church during their stay in Moscow.   Read more... Moscow Chronicles III Protestants and Evangelicals: Announcing the resurrection together During our stay in Moscow we visited officials of the various churches. After the two articles devoted to the Catholic and the Orthodox Church, we met also with members of Protestant and Evangelical Churches that highlight the importance of evangelization. Read more...

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