Global Gathering 2021 Anafora

This year our Global Gathering was held in Egypt at the Coptic Monastery Anafora, 85Km outside Cairo, northwest along the desert road. It was a memorable week as we lived the JC2033 values ​​of unity, witness and celebration!


Wonderful Hosts

We were hosted by His Grace Bishop Anba Thomas, founder of the Anaphora Monastery, along with a willing team of around 80 people. Not only had we found an incredible venue but also a deeply spiritual and loving community.


The Churches Say YES

Our conference titled, "So The World May Know" was organized in partnership with the Egyptian Council of Churches. This endorsement of the JC2033 project, especially on the opening night, brought a tangible sense of brotherly love and fraternity.

The Strength of a Vision

It was humbling to see how inspiring the JC2033 vision would be in this region where many Christians face problems for their faith in Jesus. Others had never physically witnessed such a diversity of Christians in one place. One participant described it as a small taste of heaven.

Broadcast to Millions

By God's grace, our gathering of approximately 250 delegates, was broadcast live on Satellite TV by our media partner Sat7. With  an audience of 2 million per session across the Arab speaking world, more people would hear about the JC2033 project than ever before.


The Power of Prayer and Fasting

One key for our time together was a special prayer room that was set up on-site and run by JC2033 friends Shadi and Ruth Abadir. Other prayer teams also traveled long distances to be part of this 24/7 prayer and fasting effort.


Global Ambassadors for JC2033

The final day was our Ambassador Day, this year attended by some new faces from the Middle East. Over 20 countries were represented including now familiar faces from our global network. It was a fitting way to end our gathering.

A Range of Content

We hope you enjoy our written reports and videos. We have over 7 hours of content on our youtube channel! If you enjoy what you see, why not come with us to Cartagena, Columbia in 2023 to experience the Jesus Celebration?

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Content at A Glance

1 - JC2033 Global Gathering, Anafora, Egypt day 1: The roads to Damascus and Emmaus lead to Anafora!

2 - JC2033 Global Gathering, Anafora, Egypt day 2: The messangers of resurrection

3 - JC2033 Global Gathering, Anafora, Egypt day 3: In the service of reconciliation

4 - A Participants Perspective, Daniel and Natalia Castro

5 - Day 2 Lecture "Resurrection" Martin Hoegger

6 - Day 3 Lecture "The Key to Unity" Martin Hoegger

7 - Day 3 Lecture "And I am With You" Sherin Helmy and Martin Hoegger

8 - Video: Life in Christ object Lesson, His Excellancy Bishop Anba Thomas

9 - Video: Roundtable on Resurrection

10 - Video: Participants Testimonies

11 - Video: Final Evening Highlights