Birth of JC2033 in French-speaking Switzerland

Glances of acknowledgement between guests, excitement in the air, smiles in the corners...something is afoot in French-speaking Switzerland! A look back at an evening of dreams...

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, over 30 pastors and leaders from all denominations, representing all the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, gathered for a meal at the JC2033 office in St-Prex.

The aim of the gathering? To dream and share our hearts for our region in 2033. With that goal, Christel Woestelandt and Pierre-André Léchot passionately shared their experiences as JC2033 ambassadors in the cantons of Fribourg and Neuchâtel respectively.

If the participants were already motivated after such sharing, founder Olivier Fleury's challenge was enough to set the wheels in motion:

"And you, if you had two minutes to express it, what would be the dream that would come out of your heart for 2033?"

And so, each and every one grabbed his or her pen to write down their aspirations and hopes for the celebrations of the bimillennium of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then, divided up by canton, the interested parties reflected on how to put their ideas into practice in a spirit of collaboration.

Let's celebrate each step of unity that enables us to move forward on this path towards 2033, to bear witness to the world that Jesus Christ is Risen!

What's your dream for 2033?

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