Together Around 2033 to Celebrate Jesus Christ!

By Martin Hoegger. “Charis”, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service invited a range of personalities committed to the path towards 2033. Olivier Fleury and I participated in this meeting, on November 3, 2023, in the Sainte-Anne Church, at the entrance to the Vatican.

From left to right Albert Galea (Evangelization 2033), Olivier Fleury (JC2033) and Tony Laureys (Global 2033).

Bishop Peter Smith, Charis' advisor for Christian unity, explained that several movements are planning initiatives for 2033. Their presence is a good opportunity to find out what each is planning. Maybe even collaboration will arise.

At the end of 2000, Father Tom Forest began to speak of another jubilee, that of the 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection of Christ in 2033, recalls Pino Scafuro, the moderator of “Charis”. He was convinced that he should start thinking about it immediately, because time passes as quickly as supersonic sound. The prospect of this Jubilee provides the opportunity for great evangelization. Several associations are already working on it.

“Charis”, the body representing 125 million charismatic Catholics, wants to be a platform to allow them to meet, by keeping an agenda where everyone can share what they are experiencing.

Pino Scafuro, moderator of “Charis”

In a video on Agenda 2033, several leaders of the Church and Catholic movements and some Protestants and Pentecostals convincingly invited people to enter into this process.
Pope Francis concluded by asking this question: “What can you do starting tomorrow? Have you thought about it?

Évangélisation 2033
Albert Galea, director of “Evangelization 2033” Europe, recalled the “Evangelization 2000” initiative, with a decade of evangelization from 1990 to the year 2000, in the Catholic Church. This “new evangelization” is a response to the call launched in 1983 by Pope John Paul II. “Schools of evangelization” were created, with emphasis placed on formation, mission and the announcement of the kerygma. These schools continue today, but with 2033 as a horizon.

2033 will be “the Jubilee of Jubilees,” with the celebration of our redemption through the death and resurrection of Jesus, as well as the gift of the Holy Spirit. A. Galea is connected with JC2033 and with Global 2033. “It is a blessing to share our resources with Christians from different Churches. Tom Forrest insisted on this,” he says.

Olivier Fleury, founder of JC2033, presented himself as a “lover of Jesus” and as a “normal Swiss”. 16 years ago, the Lord spoke to him and expanded his heart with the vision of a worldwide celebration for the 2000th anniversary of Christ's resurrection in 2033.

“We are here for the world, not for ourselves.” According to him, the central question is, “Will we be able to announce the Resurrection of Christ together?“ This is why he is delighted that several initiatives have brought together Christians.
In December 2022 in New York, Evangelicals and Pentecostals signed a commitment to evangelize the world during the decade 2023-2033.
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The same commitment was signed by approximately a hundred Catholic leaders in Rome in February 2023. “An historic event, never before seen in the history of the Church,” he exclaimed. 
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Global 2033
Tony Laureys explained that Global 2033 is a movement of disciples of Christ, to raise more missionaries, evangelize the whole world and mobilize the whole Church. His maxim is “reach the unreached.” Rooted in the Catholic Church, this movement collaborates with Christians from other Churches.

Indeed, “it is possible to meet among Christians from various Churches around 2033, because we have the common desire to bring the Gospel together. What is common to us is the Resurrection of Christ. By signing the same commitment as the Evangelicals and the Pentecostals, we showed that we wanted to walk together,” says T. Laureys.

Global 2033 launched a global prayer, invoking the coming of the Holy Spirit every day, throughout the world.

World Evangelical Alliance

During the second part of the evening, the floor was given to leaders of movements and communities who explained the meaning, for them, of this “pilgrimage” to 2033.

Thomas K. Johnson explained that two weeks ago, a World Evangelical Alliance meeting was held in Istanbul on the “future of the gospel.” “The Word of God is effective. Our strategy is to let it do its work of transformation. We have the privilege of knowing the Father, the Son and the Spirit. Each person works for our salvation. The Triune God brings us together to prepare for the anniversary of 2033. So, let’s work together,” he says!

Olivier Fleury, Thomas Johnson and Kyle Wisdom

John 17 Mouvement

Pentecostal pastor Joe Tosini, founder of the “John17 Movement”, recounted how he was led to pray for Pope Francis from the day of his election, and how he met him several times.

He visited the Catholic bishop of Phoenix to discuss the jubilee of 2033 with him. A deep and friendly communion was then born. It is a “relational unity” at the heart of which there is repentance, friendship, the washing of the feet, the meal. “Living the new commandment of Christ is the key and foundation of our future actions. It is our mutual love that will affect the world. Not everyone can preach, but everyone has a table to invite,” he said.

Joe Tosini

Alpha Course 

Anglican pastor Nicky Gumbel recounted his “road to Damascus” where Christ took him out of his atheism. From then on, the passion to announce the Gospel inhabited him.
In 1990, he popularized the “Alpha Path” which entered all Churches.
He met Olivier Fleury in 1995 in Canada. Olivier worked for Alpha full-time since 1997 for 13 years. It was in January 2016 at HTB London that he told his vision for 2033.

Nicky was surprised that he was doing it so early, but this vision took hold within him.
He launched the “Decade of Resurrection” during the Easter dawn celebration in the “Garden of the Tomb” in Jerusalem.

“I love all the Churches, it is magnificent to be all together to announce the Risen One,” he said. Then, a young collaborator emphasized that the Jubilee of 2033 will be an opportunity to reach the young generation so that they can meet Jesus.
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Nicky Gumbel

World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations

Mónica Santamarina, president of this great association, said that it is good for a woman to speak... after all these men! “The prospect of 2033 gives us the opportunity to walk together on the same path, to concretely live the synodal dimension of the Church,” she said.
Her association wants to give more visibility to young people and women in the Catholic Church.

Mónica Santamarina

Focolare Movement

Enno Dijkema, advisor for ecumenical relations, explains that the Focolare are involved in several ways, in particular with JC2033 with whom cooperation and friendship has developed.
He sees the contribution of this movement not only in witnessing to the Risen Lord, which is the mission of the entire Church, but also in “contributing with all of you to the fact that the Risen One lives more and more in us and above all in our midst.
On the road to 2033, we can, as Christians, bear witness more and more, in unity, to Him and His Resurrection, not only through words, but above all through the experience of His presence in our midst so that from the United States people can “see” and experience that He is Resurrected”!

Enno Djikema

On the collaboration between JC2033 and the Focolare movement, see here.

“Easter Together 2025”

As for me (Martin Hoegger), I explained that on the path to 2033, there will be important milestones. One of them is the year 2025. Why?
The year 2025 will mark 1700 years since the first ecumenical council of Nicaea (325). This defined faith in the divinity of Christ and also how to determine the date of Easter.
In 2025, Easter will be celebrated on the same date by all Churches. Could this year not be an opportunity to invite the Churches to seek ways of reconciliation to overcome the division between Christians on the date of Easter?

Martin Hoegger and Mgr Peter Smith

An ecumenical initiative called “Pasqua Together 2025” brings together Orthodox and members of Focolare, Together for Europe and JC2033. “I also realized that a decisive sign of unity to be given in 2033 could be the decision of the Churches to unify the date of Easter. This would be a wonderful gift to give to Jesus on the 2000th anniversary of his resurrection,” says Mr. Hoegger
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We ended this meeting with a time of prayer, led by Michelle Moran, former moderator of International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services. “Prayer is the best way to prepare us to move towards 2033,” she says. “Before any agenda, let us be available to the Holy Spirit,” recalls Franciscan preacher Hayden Williams! Let us not forget the persecuted Church, nor the prisoners! Among them, there are future apostles.”