An Extraordinary Gospel Initiative


Easter 2020: for the first time with such amplitude, the good news that Jesus is risen has been distributed in all mailboxes in French-speaking Switzerland in the form of “Quart d’heure pour l’essentiel”!

This tabloid newspaper was scheduled for Easter, with themes of suffering, failure and resurrection. That's when the Covid-19 pandemic appeared! Announced disaster or opportunity?


The co-publishers, Christian Willi (Alliance Presse) and Olivier Fleury (JEM / Jesus Celebration 2033) feared the worst and dreamed of the best: is this the opportunity, which they have been waiting for 14 years, to distribute this newspaper to all French-speaking? Or will this number be a flop in terms of donations and sponsorships because of the confinement?


After calculating the expenses and seeking support from pastors and advisers, no less than 554,000 copies were printed by faith and distributed in all the boxes in French-speaking Switzerland.


The reactions were immediate: requests for free bibles, donations and critics arrived in masses. The main French-language dailies also took up a survey on the evolution of belief in the resurrection in Switzerland over the past 14 years. An adventure of faith which will certainly have eternal repercussions and future editions.


A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this extraordinary adventure.


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