Hollinger family 2017 low

Jason and Anouchka Hollinger have journeyed with Jesus Celebration since 2010 when Olivier first made the public declaration in Israel to celebrate the 2000 years of Jesus’ resurrection.

A key country for the World

May 2018, by Olivier Fleury*

Philippines, the name of this country of innumerable islands has been named in memory of the Apostle Philip, by Magellan, the Spanish explorer, almost 500 years ago.

The city of Arusha is at the foot of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Thats where the World Council of Churches World Mission Conference took place and a delegate from Jesus Celebration 2033 was able to participate.

JEM Vienne

Following Rome and Brussels, Vienna is the third European capital we visited to present the vision of Jesus Celebration 2033. Oliver Fleury, Barbara Allan and Martin Hoegger also attended the meeting “Together for Europe”.

We lodged at Youth with a Mission center (YWAM), very close to St Stephens Cathedral, the spiritual heart of Vienna.


Jerusalem vue de nuit


It all started in Jerusalem, almost 2000 years ago, when one morning a woman returned from an empty tomb and announced to eleven stunned men: "He is risen"! We had to go to Jerusalem to share the vision of "Jesus Celebration 2033". We, Olivier Fleury, Shafique Keshavjee, and Martin Hoeggar.

It was in September 2017: eight intense days with twenty visits!