Global Ambassadors



Job Description of an Ambassador 

Job overview: 

An ambassador makes known and advances the vision of JC2033 within their network and country/region. 

Reports to: 

Reports to the Mentor/Hub Leader 

Working hours: 

Commits 10% of his/her working time (20h/month) to JC2033. 

An ambassador: 

  • is committed to the vision
  • has a big understanding of the body of Christ
  • is a woman/man of peace, unity and connection
  • is relational, inspiring and motivating
  • is a multiplier and a networker
  • knows, loves and lives the 3 DNA’s
  • is born again, recognized by and submitted to their local church
  • the resurrection is reflected in his/her own life
  • walks the talk

Responsibilities and activities expected by the JC2033 international office: ● Reading the JC2033 vision Book. 

  • An Ambassador is regularly present at the Ambassador’s Zoom meetings (4/year) ● is regularly connected with his Mentor/Hub Leader and keeps him updated of his projects as a JC2033 Ambassador (every 3 months).
  • is expected to be present in the annual meetings within their country/region. ● is expected to be present at the yearly international gathering.
  • is expected to connect with the local leaders of churches in his area, and share about the JC2033 Vision to them.
  • Ambassadors need to find their own financial support.

Activities can include, but may not be restricted to any of the following: ● Organizing a Zoom presentation between the JC2033 international office and a group of church leaders from your area. 

  • Working on Unity projects in your area.
  • Distributing the Vision Book to people that are interested in your area. ● Organizing Easter celebrations with different churches coming together in your area.

What a JC2033 Ambassador can expect from the JC2033 Office Team: 

  • Regular Online Trainings (through Videos, Articles, Zoom)
  • Connections with other Ambassadors all over the world.
  • Support from a Mentor to plan different projects.